A group of youths from Southern Kurdistan joins HPG ranks

A group of youths from Southern Kurdistan have joined the guerrilla ranks as part of the “Serî Hilde” (Rise Up) campaign recently launched by Komalên Ciwan.

Komalen Ciwan (Communities of Youth) and Komalen Jinen Ciwan (Communities of Young Women) launched a campaign named “Rise Up!” in order to raise awareness about the isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and demand his freedom, resist against Turkish attacks on Rojava and invasion of Southern Kurdistan and celebrate 40th anniversary of PKK. The campaign that was started in late October will last until the Newroz, March 21, of 2018.

A group of youths from Southern Kurdistan joined the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) as part of the campaign, and called for further participation in the guerrilla ranks.

Pezend Yarisanî spoke on behalf of the group and said the following;

“As youths from Bashur (Southern Kurdistan), we have decided to join the HPG because we could not stay silent on the attacks on our people. Mountains are where the strongest struggle and resistance against attacks is given. Enemies of the Kurdish people seek to neutralize Leader Apo (Öcalan) who is held in aggravated isolation for 19 years. We will do anything in our power to free Leader Apo. His freedom is Kurdish people’s freedom.”

Calling attention to the economic crisis and what has happened in the wake of the independence referendum in Southern Kurdistan, Yarisanî said; “None of these developments that followed the referendum is for the benefit of the Kurdish people. Representatives of political parties are responsible for this. Those doing wrong politics has disappointed our people’s hopes. We will be standing against this wrong politics. We call on young people to come and join the guerrilla ranks.”