99 Turkish soldiers were killed in Northern Kurdistan in March

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas have killed 99 Turkish soldiers during clashes in Northern Kurdistan in March.

In an article by Demhat Tolhildan for the ANF Turkish service it’s reported that HPG guerrillas took several actions against Turkish army in the month of March and at least 99 soldiers were killed.

On March 4, nine Turkish soldiers including a commander were killed in Dogubayazid district of Agri. This action was followed by a sabotage attack against a military convoy in the neighboring province of Igdir and eight soldiers were killed.

In two separate clashes in Sirnak province, 15 Turkish soldiers were killed between 8-10 March.

On March 12, again in Dogubayazid HPG and YJA Star guerrillas killed 26 Turkish soldiers.

HPG guerrillas also took action against invader Turkish soldiers in Southern Kurdistan. At least 17 Turkish soldiers were killed in Bradost region between 15-16 March.

A further 32 soldiers were killed in separate clashes throughout Northern Kurdistan in the month of March.

HPG sources say only a few clashes were reported by the Turkish media and the losses of the army have been covered up.