46-year-old man killed by Turkish soldiers in Van

In Van a 46-year-old civilian was shot dead by Turkish soldiers. The man leaves behind a wife and six children.

In the province of Van, Turkish soldiers shot dead 46-year-old İbrahim Baykara. The man leaves behind a wife and six children.

The incident took place on Tuesday night in the village of Çiliya Jor (Yukarı Çilli) in Çaldıran district. According to relatives, Baykara's body laid in the open field for several hours before it was taken to the forensic department in Van for an autopsy. In the meantime, the body has been brought to Baykara's village for burial.

In Van, extra-judicial executions and attempted killings by the Turkish army are becoming increasingly common. In Çiliya Jor, just two weeks ago, a fifteen-year-old boy was shot in the back by Turkish army soldiers while tending a flock of sheep. Relatives called an ambulance, which took the seriously injured boy to the university hospital in the province of Van. In the meantime his life is no longer in danger.

In mid-June, the 20-year-old shepherd Emrah Gür was shot dead by Turkish soldiers in Başkale district. His horse also died of a fatal gunshot wound. Another shepherd was seriously injured in the incident.

In May, Bahram Yusefi, a border trader from Xoy in Eastern Kurdistan (Iran), was shot dead by Turkish soldiers near the village of Yamanyurd in Saray district, about five kilometres from the border. The 35-year-old man had crossed the border to sell cigarettes on the Turkish side of the border when he was shot from an armoured vehicle.