32 ISIS members killed in Manbij

32 more ISIS members have been killed as Manbij Military Council fighters took control over 85 percent of the Hezawnê neighborhood in Manbij.

As the operation to liberate Manbij continues for the 39th uninterrupted day, Manbij Military Council fighters continue making advances towards the city center.

ISIS gangs have been inflicted heavy blows on the western, southern and northern sides of the Manbij city since last night.

Mop-up operations continue amid violent clashes in Hezawnê neighborhood which extends to the southern and southwestern fronts of the city. Manbij Military Council fighters took control over 85 percent of the neighborhood.

According to an ANHA report, 14 ISIS members have been killed in clashes in this neighborhood and corpses of 14 of these have been seized.

Manbij Military Council fighters are advancing towards the Sebi Behrat Junction on the northern front of the city as clashes that erupted at 04:00 here this morning are getting heavier. 18 gang members have been killed here and corpses of 7 have been seized in addition to their arms and a large quantity of ammunition.

The offensive on the western front of the city continues around the Sherîa Street. Bomb experts affiliated to the Manbij Military Council are defusing the mines planted by gangs. 126 mines placed by gangs in the neighborhood have been defused so far.

In the meantime, international coalition aircraft conducted bombardments targeting the deployment areas of the ISIS groups, which left many gang members dead.