27-year-old heavily wounded by police in Amed

Special operation teams blockaded the Kaynartepe neighborhood in Bağlar district of Amed where a youth was shot and heavily wounded soon later.

As the state of siege in Kurdish towns and cities continues, attacks by state forces are getting heavier with the participation of military forces for the past two days. People in Amed still remained on streets and resisted the attacks all day long.

Special operation teams fired on people on Gürsel Street in the central Bağlar district late Wednesday evening, which left 27-year-old Muhammet Aktagan heavily wounded.

Aktagan who was shot by a bullet in the belly was rushed to private Bağlar Hospital where he received immediate medical response before being referred to Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital. The youth remains under treatment and in critical condition, according to reports.

In the meantime, a number of armored vehicles and Ford Ranger cars blockaded Kaynartepe neighborhood where Şerdil Cengiz and Şiyar Salman had been killed by police the day before.

Special operation teams have closed all the roads around Koşuyolu Park, as they on the other hand put pressure on people to leave the streets, firing live ammunition and tear gas at random.