Two villagers arrested in Tutak, wife of murdered Kaya in custody

Two of the villagers who were detained in the incident where the state forces murdered Murat Kaya in Ağrı were arrested. Kaya's wife is in custody.

Turkish gendarmerie and policemen had carried out an operation in the village of Soğukpınar (Mûşîyan) in the Tutak district of Ağrı on 6 December.

Murat Kaya, father of three, was killed in the clashes. The gendarmerie detained some villagers, including Murat Kaya's wife Zozan Kaya.
Cemal and Ahmet Aksoy were subjected to torture by the soldiers.


After giving statements to the provincial gendarmerie commanders, the detained villagers - Hanım Aksoy, Alican Aksoy, Kemal Aksoy, Ahmet Aksoy, Cemal Aksoy, Fikret Çetin and Mehmet Sıddık Çetin - appeared in front of the prosecutor.

Hanım Aksoy, Cemal Aksoy, Ahmet Aksoy and Fikret Çetin were sent to Ağrı Magistrate Criminal Judiciary on demand of being arrested for allegedly helping and abetting, while the others were released.

While Ahmet and Hanım Aksoy were subsequently released, Cemal Aksoy and Fikret Çetin were arrested and sent to Patnos Prison.

Murat Kaya's wife Zozan Kaya and Birgül Çetin are still in custody.