196 ISIS members killed during the six days of QSD operation

During the first six days of the operation by Syrian Democratic Forces, an area of 350 square kilometers has been cleared of ISIS, and 196 members of the gangs were killed.

Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) has released a six-day balance sheet of the operation they launched against ISIS gangs in the rural areas of south Hesekê on October 31.

During the first six days of the operation, an area of 350 square kilometers has been cleared of ISIS gangs; which involves 36 villages, 10 hamlets, 2 gas factories, 3 quarry areas and some guard posts near the borderline.

The operation has thus far left 196 members of the gangs dead, 99 of whom were killed by QSD forces and 79 as a result of airstrikes by jets of the international coalition.

During these six days, ISIS gangs have conducted 2 suicide attacks and 11 others with bomb-laden vehicles, one of which occurred in Etşen village to the north of Hol town, leaving 3 civilians dead and 4 others wounded.

QSD forces have destroyed 6 military vehicles and one Konkurs missile belonging to the gangs, as they on the other hand seized a large quantity of ammunition, 2 motorcycles and one bomb-laden vehicle.

During the six days of the operation, 13 combatants of Syrian Democratic Forces have lost their lives, including one Canadian and one Arab.