15 ISIS members killed in ongoing clashes in Manbij city center

Clashes continue between ISIS groups and Manbij Military Council fighters who have gained control over the larger part of the Manbij city in the west, northeast and south.

After liberating the İhyati Bakery in city center and the Suk-Al Hal (Central Market) to the northwest of the city, Manbij Military Council fighters started to advance towards Al-Cûra neighborhood. 7 ISIS members were killed during the clashes that broke out in this area last night and continued till the morning.

8 more ISIS members were killed in clashes to the southwest of the city where Sheikh Eqîl neighborhood was liberated.

Clashes between ISIS gangs and Manbij fighters also continue to the west, northeast and south of the city.

Security Crossing, Al-Nexta Market, Al-Kura Al-Erdiye Crossing and old Manbij neighborhoods on Jarablus road are also witnessing violent clashes between two sides. Manbij Military Council fighters are continuing their efforts to rescue the civilians in Al Sirb-Al-Shemalî (North Sirba) neighborhood.