11th group takes over the hunger strike in Maxmur

11th group took over the hunger strike action launched by women from the Maxmur camp to embrace the hunger strikes in the prisons of Turkey and North Kurdistan.

The hunger strike against the increasing violations in the prisons of in Turkey and North Kurdistan (Kurdish-inhabited regions of Turkey) and the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan continues on its 42nd day.

In Maxmur Martyr Rüstem Cudi Camp, the hunger strike initiated by women under the leadership of the Ishtar Assembly in order to support the hunger strike in prisons continues. The 11th group took over the action on Thursday.

Speaking on behalf of the 10th group, Bapîr Gundikremo stated: “With the initiation of the 'Time for freedom' campaign, the Maxmur Ishtar Women's Assembly launched a hunger strike in Maxmur to support the indefinite and alternating hunger strike in prisons. Undoubtedly, this process cannot be carried out only by hunger strike action. It is necessary to give multiple struggles. We should not leave our friends in the prisons alone.”