11 regime soldiers killed in Hesekê

11 regime soldiers were killed during the clashes in Hesekê. Regime forces shell neighborhoods with civilian population.

The clashes that began when regime forces attacked the Asayish center in Hesekê have intensified last night, and violent clashes have taken place near east Neşwa Şerqî, Xweran neighborhood, Merio Gas Station, Palestine street and İhsan Beğdi Hospital.

Heavy weaponry was used during the clashes in Kewkab region 10 km to the east of the city center, where the military base of regime forces is located.

YPG sources report that 2 regime snipers were killed in the city center and 5 soldiers were killed during the clashes near İhsan Beğdi Hospital yesterday.

A regime soldier was killed and another was injured during the clashes in Neşwa Rojhilat neighborhood, and 3 regime snipers were killed as they were attempting to reach rooftops in the city center last night.


Forces of the Ba’athist Syrian regime shelled neighborhoods with civilian population such as Miftî, Ezîziyê, Salihiyê and Mesakin, and one woman was heavily injured during the shelling.