PKK and PAJK prisoners call everyone to be a voice for their resistance

Deniz Kaya issued a written statement on behalf of PKK and PAJK prisoners drawing attention to the 15 February conspiracy, special war policies aimed at breaking the hunger strike resistance and the imposition of repentance in the new penal execution law.

Deniz Kaya issued a written statement on behalf of PKK and PAJK prisoners. The statement said: “While we are entering the 22nd anniversary of the 15 February international conspiracy, extremely calculated, planned and organized attacks of the capitalist modernity system at the global level are taking place. It is clear that these attacks include the total extermination of the Kurdish people and the freedom movement. The plans of the global hegemonic power circles, which have been carrying out plans to eliminate our freedom movement by trying to silence leader Apo's [Abdullah Öcalan] resistance in Imrali for 22 years, have been spoiled thanks to the resistance of those who defend the struggle for democracy and freedom.”

The statement continued: “Leader Apo has spoiled the plans of the fascist forces. Our resistance as a people and movement will always continue against the forces that want to renew the international conspiracy. 15 February is undoubtedly considered as a dark day for those who are struggling for freedom and democracy, for the oppressed and exploited peoples.”

The statement added: “There is no doubt that the AKP and MHP government is losing power because of the democratic resistance. For this reason, it tries to suppress the resistance through special war policies. Since we, as PKK and PAJK prisoners, do not accept the isolation imposed on leader Apo, we carrying out an alternating hunger strike since 27 November. We started such an action voluntarily in order to end the isolation imposed on our leadership and to ensure his physical freedom. However, the AKP-MHP government clings to some special war policies in order to break our resistance through our families. The enemy is spreading the lie that we were forced into this action. We, as free prisoners, reiterate that we started this resistance with our free will.”

The statement ended with a call to “to all democratic circles, intellectuals, writers and academics. It is necessary to resist fascism everywhere. A free democratic life can be built with total resistance. We invite everyone to be the voice of our resistance…"