Prisoner Inal calls on people to support the resistance in prison

Writer Muhammed Inal called for increased solidarity and a more sensitive approach to prison resistance from Kandıra No. 1 F-type prison where he is jailed.

The hunger strike carried out by prisoners since 27 November demanding the end of isolation imposed on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and as well as of violations of rights in prisons, continues. Writer Muhammed Inal called from increased solidarity in a phone conversation he had with his sister Süheyla Inal from Kandıra No 1 F-type prison where he is jailed.

Inal told his sister: "Since the main purpose of our resistance is freedom, the freedom of the people and the freedom of our leadership, then the struggle must be run accordingly.

The prisoners are resisting, our people in Europe are resisting, and our people in South of Africa are resisting. Campaigns are carried out everywhere, but the main thing is that our people in North Kurdistan stand up and resist. Our young people need to protect this resistance. Yes, prisoners will also resist. Guerrillas will also resist in free areas. However, freedom is the freedom of the people. If the people do not protect their freedom as necessary, the campaigns carried out abroad won’t bring the necessary results.”

Inal continued: “We can not only gain the freedom of our country with a resistance carried out in foreign countries, we must strengthen our resistance in our own country and in our own lands. Therefore, we hope that our young people and our people will continue this struggle in the country and carry their resistance to a higher level. It should not be forgotten that the old Nimrods and Pharaohs were also defeated. With our struggle, the modern Pharaoh and Nimrods will also be defeated. Do not let fear and sadness be felt. Yes, they may seem powerful in this process. However, in reality, they are currently at their weakest point and closest to defeat. If we continue our struggle with determination, we should know that we are in our strongest period, and if we continue our struggle with this belief and thought, success will be ours."

Who is Muhammed Inal

During his high school years, Muhammed Inal took part in the Kurdistan Islamic Movement and patriotic youth work. In 1999, during the international conspiracy that led to the capture of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan in Kenya and his transfer to Turkey, Inal was detained with his son and aunt. The three were tortured for one and a half month and then sentenced to death. The sentences were later converted in life sentences.

Muhammed Inal has stayed in Ümraniye, Tekirdağ 2nd No F type and Bolu F type prisons so far. Inal went on hunger strike on 1 March 2019 and on 10 May he turned this resistance into a death fast and was among those who protested the isolation against Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Among the works written by Inal are:

Works written by İnal and prison studies:

So Spoke Zarathustra (Zerdeşt Wiha Ferman Kır) and the books of the translation into Kurdish of Hafiz Şirazinin, an unpublished book called Revolutionary Islamic History and Islamic Construction. He has also published many articles in Democratic Modernity, Islamic View, Baweri, Ronahî, Haksöz and many different journals.