Video of police beating and arresting young man in Sur released

The moments when the police beat and detained Tacettin Aslan in the side streets of Sur in Amed were captured on camera. The young man was arrested on the grounds of "resistance to the police".

The police arrived in Sur after an argument involving Tacettin Aslan, on the night of 18 November in the neighbourhood of Melik Ahmet. Police forced Aslan to the ground and handcuffed him behind his back.

The images of the young man who was tortured and detained by the police appeared in a video. In the footage, it is seen that a plainclothes police officer kicked and battered the young man, who was laid facedown on the ground.

The mother of Aslan reacted to the beating of her son and was also pushed by the police. The police also insulted citizens who tried to stop the beating.

Tacettin Aslan was detained after being beaten for "resistance to the police".