Turkish government demands compensation from guerrilla's family

Turkish authorities demands compensation from the parents of a guerrilla.

Turkish authorities are demanding compensation from the parents of a guerrilla fighter who fell martyr in Bingöl two years ago. They argued that the clashes have caused damages to state property.

The General Command of the Turkish Military Police has asked the parents of guerrilla fighter Aykut Özkur, who fell martyr on 25 August 2018 in Bingöl in clashes with the Turkish army, to pay compensation.

Kiymet and Atik Özkur received a letter demanding them to pay 10,406 TL (around 1350 euros). The demand is justified by the fact that damages to state property have been done during the armed conflict.

A deadline of one month for payment was given in the letter, and if payment is not made it is said an enforcement order will be given.