Turkey’s crimes in North-East Syria to be monitored and reported to the UN

Neda Meleki, advisor of Sara Organisation to Combat Violence Against Women, remarked that the atrocities of the Turkish state in the border region constitute a crime according to the UN laws.

Turkish soldiers exposed an 11-year-old child and a woman aged 25, who intended to cross the border, to sexual abuse and torture on August 8. Also, soldiers of the Turkish state tortured a child named Ebduleziz Musa (16) from Heseke who tried to cross the border on Monday. Previously, a group of people who tried to cross the border in Qamishlo had been subject to torture by the Turkish soldiers.  

‘A crime against humanity’

Neda Meleki, advisor of Sara Organisation to Combat Violence Against Women, assessed the issue for ANHA and said, “Turkish soldiers committed a serious crime against the child and they must be brought to account. The 13th article of the United Nations (UN) prohibits any attack by a state on another. The Turkish state violates the borders of neighbouring states. Its attacks against children also constitute a brutal policy. According to the law, crossing the border is a crime. Yet, nobody can torture those attempting to do so; these people can only be sent back. These crimes are committed against humanity.”

‘They contradict their conceptions’

Pointing out that the Turkish state responsible for such crimes claims to be adhering to Islamic values, Neda Meleki continued, “AKP and Erdogan resort to the conceptions of Islam, democracy and humanism every day. However, they act just the opposite of these. The termination of the Istanbul Convention is an example in this context. The Turkish state is a massacrist state.”

‘Those responsible must be brought to account’

Noting that they will file a criminal complaint to the UN, Neda Meleki added, “We will be insistent on adding these crimes to the terrorist attacks of the Turkish state. We will monitor the process in order for the Turkish state to be brought to account by the UN. We, as the Sara Organisation, will pay visits to the families of the child and woman who were exposed to the assault by Turkish forces.”

‘They aim to revive the Ottoman state’

Neda Meleki called on neighbouring states to prevent and stop the Turkish state’s crimes, saying, “The UN should not remain silent against the crimes committed in North and East Syria. The Turkish state clearly adopts a hostile policy against North and East Syria. They seek to occupy these lands and revive the Ottoman state. Therefore, they intend to weaken the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.”