TJK-E women condemn the attack on Saturday Mothers

European Kurdish Women's Movement stated its support to the Saturday Mothers.

Tevgera Jinên Kurdistan-Ewrupa-TJK-E (European Kurdish Women's Movement) has condemned in a written the police attack on the Saturday Mothers.

In the statement, the organisation said that Saturday Mothers were beaten while trying to stage the 700th action as every Saturday since 1985. 

The Saturday Mothers were beaten and detained once again for demanding truth and justice about their relatives who disappeared while in the hands of state forces. 

The TJK-E statement said: “The Turkish state, which has shown its fascist face since the very first day of the actions by the mothers, has done this again on the 700th week of action”.

As before, said the statement, the Mothers did not bow to violence and fascism, and continued to demand justice for their children slaughtered by the state. 

“We, Kurdish women living in Europe, denounce the hatred of the fascist attacks on the Saturday Mothers and the people. We will stand beside the relatives of the disappeared and support them wherever we are in their just struggle”.