TJA criticised AKP policies on refugees

Tevgera Jinen Azad (TJA) issued a written statement today on the AKP's refugee policy.

According to the reports of the United Nations, the number of forced displaced persons has reached 70.8 million. TJA stressed that 70% of these are women and children.

'Racist, religious, gender attacks'

The statement said: "Women and children refugees are exposed to violence during the pre-asylum process, asylum process when they suffered from economic, racist, religious and sexist attacks."

Lack of democratic rights in the Middle East, said the statement "violence, war, means that a significant migration to Turkey has been experienced in years."

Unfortunately, the statement said, "the AKP has used asylum seekers to blackmail Europe. Most refugees are Kurdish, Arab, Yazidi, Assyrian peoples and when they come to Turkey and settle in camps are faced with more violence. Women in particular are subjected to sexual harassment and evene rape, and are forced to prostitution."

The TJA warned the AKP to immediately stop using refugees for its political gains and added: "Universal legislation should protect refugee rights, according to the UN convention. In orer to prevent any violence against women and children, the AKP should open camps to women's organizations and non-governmental organizations."