Three prisoners in Silivri on hunger strike against right violations

Three prisoners held in Silivri Prison have gone on hunger strike on November 28 in protest at the violations of their rights.

Three inmates held in Silivri Prison Ward No 6, who are tried for “membership to MLKP” started hunger strike on November 28. The prison is witnessing severe violations of rights granted by laws that have remarkably increased during the State of Emergency.

Names of the three inmates joining the protest are: Ali Haydar Keleş, Mehmet Salih Çekin and Uğur Tuncer.

Inmates in Silivri Prison are facing a denial of newspapers and magazines, restriction of visitation right and ban on phone talks.

Demands of the prisoners on hunger strike are as follows:

Access to daily newspapers and magazines or monthly publications,

Unrestricted visitation right, determination of the visitors in line with the demands of inmates,

Delivery of delayed letters,

Placement of inmates in upper wards to lower wards leading to the yard,

Re-granting of the monthly family visit that was reduced to once in two months with a recent decree,

Re-granting of the right to visitation of friends that was banned with a recent decree,

Re-granting of the right to weekly phone conversation".

The three inmates also demanded to stay with Onur Katar who is tried alongside them within the scope of the same lawsuit.

On the other hand, inmates from Halk Cephesi (People's Front) who are kept in the same prison were denied food for 5 days on the grounds of breaking cameras in the prison.