‘The Turkish state should be prosecuted in accordance with the Geneva Convention’

Esmet İbrahim, member of the Association of Lawyers in the Euphrates Region, expressed that the Turkish state has violated the many articles of the Geneva Convention and should be prosecuted before the International Criminal Court.

The invading Turkish state continues to attack civilians every day. Recently, attacks by Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SIHA) claimed the lives of 11 civilians. Yet, international public opinion has voiced no reaction to the Turkish state’s attacks throughout the region.

Assessing the issue for ANHA, Esmet İbrahim, member of the Association of Lawyers in Euphrates Region, said “Many conventions were signed after World War I and II. These conventions involving enforcement against war crimes are still in force but none of them are implemented in practical terms. The 6th article, which forms the basis of the International Criminal Court, is concerned with the crimes of massacre. According to this article, causing multiple deaths among members of a religious or ethnic group is defined as a crime of massacre. This is exactly what the Turkish state has been doing in North and East Syria. It has been conducting brutal attacks against religious and ethnic groups.”

“The Turkish state aims to annihilate the Kurdish people and the Kurdish identity by any means possible. It carries out such hostile attacks through radical groups which it has supported. This is why the Turkish state has occupied Syrian territory. The Kurdish people have been facing massacres every day” continued Esmet İbrahim.

Pointing out the tens of crimes committed in the areas under occupation, Esmet İbrahim said, “Every day, they commit tens of crimes such as torture, slaughter, abduction, rape and forced displacement. These crimes should be brought to account by the International Criminal Court which was established to prosecute war crimes.”

‘Articles of the Geneva Convention are violated’

The Turkish state has remarkably escalated the attacks on North and East Syria recently, said Esmet Ibrahim, and added, “Through armed unmanned aerial vehicles, the Turkish state has begun to target civilians. A large number of civilians were slaughtered in these attacks. This is the crime of massacre and should be brought to account by the International Criminal Court.”

Calling for the Turkish state to be prosecuted immediately, Esmet İbrahim said, “The Turkish authorities who gave the order for massacres should be prosecuted in the international arena.”