Solidarity Committee with Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ calls for action

The Solidarity Committee with Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ, who are on death since 28 September to protest the torture and threats by the KDP, called for action.

Mazlum Dağ and Abdurrahman Er, who were sentenced to death for the action in which MIT officer Osman Köse and Iraqi citizens Neriman Osman and Beşdar Ramazan were killed on 17 July 2019, went death fast on 28 September to protest the torture and violations of rights by the KDP. The Committee of Solidarity with Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ called for action for the two men who are being held in Hewlêr prison.

In its statement, the committee emphasized that “our patriot prisoners Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ are on death fast to protest the violations of their rights, torture and ill-treatment.

In a phone call with their families, Er and Dağ said that they were insulted by the prison officers during the count, and when they protested, they were beaten and thrown in the cell in reverse handcuffs. They said they went on death fast on 28 September. Continuing their protests for 5 days, Er and Dağ also said that the threat to their life safety continues due to the attitude of the prison authorities. They said that the situation did not improve despite several petitions and meetings with the prison administration.”

Prison authorities responsible for safety

The statement added: “Ensuring the safety and humane treatment of prisoners is the most basic human right. Prison administrations are responsible for ensuring this right. We call on the people to take action, while we demand that the prison authority end the ill-treatment and violations of rights on Er and Dağ and ensure their safety.”