Repression of prisoners continues, says Human Rights Association

The repression of prisoners in Turkish jails continues. At the daily sit-in to draw attention to the situation of ill prisoners, the Human Rights Association underlined the situation of Yıldırım Demir and Ayşe Özdoğan.

The Freedom for Ill Prisoners Initiative in Ankara held a press conference at the Human Rights Association (IHD). It was the 374th week of action. IHD Ankara Branch executive, Ihsan Seylan, drew attention to the health condition of Yıldırım Demir, a seriously ill prisoner held in Bolu F Type Closed Prison.

Seylan said that Demir conveyed his health problems in a letter he sent to the IHD. “Yıldırım Demir’s right eye is 95% blind and he said in his letter that he was not treated. He had cataract surgery on his left eye about 2 years ago. There is a problem in the left eye lens and the doctor said that it needs laser treatment. When he went for a check-up, he was sent back by another doctor who said that he needed nothing. Every time he goes for a check-up, he is sent back to prison with eye drops. His left eye now sees everything blurry. He has reflux, gastritis and ulcers in his stomach. He had stomach bleeding twice. Although the infirmary doctor prescribes a diet, the prison food offers no choice.”

Seylan demanded ill prisoners to be released.


The Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul Branch Prisons Commission held the 502nd "F sit-in" at the association building in Taksim. Commission members drew attention to the situation of Ayşe Özdoğan, who is in Antalya Döşemealtı L-Type Prison.

IHD executive, Mehmet Acettin, said that hundreds of seriously ill prisoners awaiting release are fighting for their lives. Reminding that the sentence issued in 2013 by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Turkey was ignored, Acettin said that Ayşe Özdoğan, a cancer patient, was unable to meet her personal needs on her own. He added that Özdoğan's lawyers had requested a postponement of the execution, but their demands were constantly denied.

Özdoğan has been kept in the quarantine ward for 25 days, said Acettin adding: "Ozdogan, who is in the last stage of the disease, has serious problems and her needs are met by other prisoners.” Now Özdoğan is waiting to be transferred to the hospital.