Report on Turkey’s crimes in NE Syria sent to international institutions

A report containing many documents and images regarding crimes of the Turkish state, which was prepared by Euphrates Region Human Rights Organisation, was sent to international institutions.

Euphrates Region Human Rights Organisation sent a report containing many documents and images regarding the crimes committed by the Turkish state in North and East Syria to international institutions. Reduction of Euphrates River’s water was also documented in the report.


Ehmed Dawud, co-chair of Euphrates Region Human Rights Organisation, spoke to ANHA on details in the reports, saying: “The Turkish state has been lowering the water flowing over Euphrates River to North and East Syria for a long while. We prepared a report including consequences of reduction of the water and sent it to international institutions. Through the report, we demanded them to stop these crimes of Turkey.”

The report prepared by Euphrates Region Energy Committee pointed out harmful effects of lowered water of Euphrates River on the whole region and noted that the water was polluted due to reduction and hence, it endangers human health. The Committee stressed that a serious humanitarian crisis will emerge if the water outage continues.


Expressing that their report consists of 21 pages, Dawud said, “We collected all data in North and East Syria. We sent the report to European Committee on Legal Affairs and United Nations Chamber of Civil Society. The international community maintains the silence against Turkey’s crimes. Despite this silence, we carried out this work. The international community must interfere with the Turkish state in order to inhibit a humanitarian crisis. Therefore, I call on international institutions to fulfill their responsibility.”