Remains of HPG guerrilla Zindan Yeni given to family after a 7-month wait

The remains of HPG guerrilla Zindan Yeni, who fell as a martyr in the clashes in the rural district of Dicle in September 2021, were given to his family 7 months later. The soldiers did not allow the family to receive condolences.

HPG guerrilla Zindan Yeni fell as a martyr in the clashes with the Turkish army in September 2021 in the countryside of Pirêjman district of Dicle.

News of the death of Yeni was given to the family by a phone call by the soldiers on 9 November 2021. Thereupon, the Yeni family applied to the Dicle Chief Public Prosecutor's Office to take their son's remains. However, the prosecutor's office sent the family back without action on the grounds that it was late.

The next day, the prosecutor directed the Yeni family to the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. The prosecutor's office did not take a blood sample for the DNA test on the grounds that he had "fingerprints", but this time the prosecutor's office did not give the remains to the family to investigate the cause of death, saying that "the cause of death" was not known.

Remains given after 7 months

It was learned that Yeni's remains were sent to the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) to investigate the cause of death. In the last 7 months, the family has applied 3 times to take them.

The Dicle Prosecutor's Office called eventually called the family 7 months after the first application. Thereupon, the Yeni family went to Dicle from Diyarbakır to receive the remains of their son. After the prosecution proceedings were completed here, the recovered the remains from the Nameless Cemetery, where they were buried, to the village of Mûliksara in Silvan.

Village besieged by soldiers

When Yeni's remains were brought to the village, the soldiers besieged it. While no one was allowed to attend the funeral, Yeni was buried in the village cemetery after religious duties.

Condolences space not allowed

According to the information received, the Yeni family wanted to set up a place to receive condolences in the village but the soldiers did not allow it.