Relatives of disappeared in Batman resume action on Saturday

Relatives had been forced to stop their action demanding justice for the disappeared people because of the State of Emergency

Relatives of the disappeared while in state forces custody who have been denied their weekly sit-in by the governor of Batman for "security reasons”, will resume their action tomorrow, Saturday.

The decision has been taken to support the 700th action by the Saturday Mothers in Galatasaray Square, Istanbul. 

The relatives in Batman have called on people to meet in Gulistan Street.

While the Saturday Mothers are preparing to meet for the 700th week in Galatasaray Square, the Human Rights Association (IHD) Batman Branch and relatives of the disappeared while challenge the State of Security (OHAL) ban on their actions. 

Müfide Agaya, mother of Ismail Agaya, who was delivering the newspaper Özgür Ülke in Batman and disappeared while in custody on 29 May 1994, said that she will continue her search for truth and justice. 

"I have not been sitting at home these two years [while actions were banned] and I will not give up the search for our children”, she said. 

“Once again - she added - I will pick up my son’s photo and sit on the street asking for justice”. 

IHD Batman branch co-chair, Devran Yıldız confirmed that from tomorrow on the actions will resume in Batman too.