Prisoners battered for speaking Kurdish

Prisoners in Iskenderun Type M Closed Prison were subjected to torture for speaking Kurdish.

Prisoners in Iskenderun Type M Closed Prison sent messages through their families and spoke about the torture they have been subjected to.

Prisoners said, “The pressure is at a peak. Do something at once.” Prisoners stated that they were battered for speaking Kurdish, and that they are subjected to insults by the guards almost constantly throughout the day.

A mother who spoke on the phone with her son in the prison said: “They couldn’t say much because they were on the phone. But as soon as we started to speak he said ‘Go and file charges’. This last week, their wards were raided almost every day and they were battered. They took three prisoners and tortured them in the solitary confinement cells they put them in. They said the pressure increases every day, and that lawyers and human rights organizations should do something.”