Prisoners' action for Öcalan reaches 200th day

The Freedom for Öcalan action carried out by prisoners has reached its 200th day.

Prisoners continue to boycott phone calls and family visits, and do not appear in court, as part of the action demanding "freedom for Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a solution to the Kurdish question."

The action launched by PKK and PAJK political prisoners on 27 November 2023 has reached its 200th day.

Prisoners, who took their alternating hunger strike actions to a new stage as of 4 April, decided to boycott the courts and not have phone calls or family visits.

Prisoners made the following statement on the 130th day of the hunger strike: "Our hunger strike showed the need to evolve to a new stage and as of 4 April, the birthday of our Leader (Öcalan), we changed strategy. Our decision to boycott the courts, which do not even recognize their own laws when it comes to the Kurdish question, as well as refusing visits and calls, has been taken to give new impulse to our demand to free our leader and work to achieve a democratic solution to the Kurdish question."