Prisoner with schizophrenia in solitary confinement for 5 months

Asiye Özlük, sister of schizophrenia patient Uğur Özlük who has been held in a solitary confinement cell for some 5 months in the Eskişehir Type H Closed Prison, stated that her brother was attacked by the guards and attempted suicide twice.

Uğur Özlük was on his way to Nusaybin with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Bursa Provincial Branch members to participate in the watch demonstration held in the Girmeli (Girê Mira) neighborhood in Nusaybin, Mardin in January 2016 to protest the curfews in Şırnak’s Cizre district when he was arrested in Inegol, Bursa because he had a previous conviction and placed in the Bursa Type H Closed Prison.

From the Bursa Type H Prison, Özlük was transferred to the Bandırma Type T Closed Prison, and later to the Eskişehir Type H Closed Prison, where he has been held in a solitary confinement cell for some 5 months.


Özlük was only able to meet with his family once due to a visit ban he was issued. His sister Asiye Özlük stated that her brother has schizophrenia and had previously received treatment in the Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital for one month. Asiye Özlük added that her brother had been attacked by the guards in groups of 3 in the Eskişehir Type H Prison, and had been told by the guards, “We won’t let PKK members live here. Do you think we will feed you? We will send your dead body to your family.” Asiye Özlük said Uğur Özlük had a black eye and his hands and feet were shaking when the family went to visit.


Asiye Özlük said her brother has already attempted suicide twice and the family appealed twice for a transfer due to the lack of a guarantee of his life and his health, but didn’t receive any negative or positive response from the Ministry of Justice. Özlük pointed out that her brother has been held in solitary confinement for 5 months, even though there are other political prisoners in wards in the Eskişehir Type H Closed Prison and said the family fears for Uğur Özlük’s life.