Police take 73-year-old woman suffering from cancer into custody

Saadet Özen, 73, was taken into custody in Urfa, while on her way to Izmir to receive cancer treatment.

Saadet Özen, a 73-year-old woman suffering from cancer, was on her way to Izmir for treatment from the rural Qizler (Kızlar) district of Derik, in Mardin, when she was taken into custody.

During a General Information Scan (GBT) carried out at a police checkpoint in the Birecik district of Urfa on Tuesday night, it came out that there was an arrest warrant on Özen issued in 2017.

The woman was taken off the bus and detained. Özen is being held at the Birecik District Police Department.

It was learned that Özen, who was diagnosed with throat cancer a short time ago, was going to his son’s house in Izmir, to receive treatment.