Police obstruct funeral of YPS martyr Mehmethan Yıldız

The burial of YPS martyr Mehmethan Yıldız was not obstructed by police.

The remains of Civil Defense Units (YPS) member Mehmethan Yıldız, who fell as a martyr during the self-government resistance in Şırnak on 14 March 2016, were delivered to his family 6 years after his death. Yıldız's remains were taken from the cemetery of the nameless, in the village of Milga Şantiye and brought to the Kulp, district of Amed.

The family wanted to bury the remains in the New Cemetery in the city center. The police, however, stopped the family at the entrance of the district and did not allow the body to be buried in the district on the grounds that "the place of burial is not clear in the document". The family then wanted to bury the remains in Yeniköy Cemetery in Bağlar district. However, the police said that they would not be allowed to be buried here for similar reasons.

After waiting for hours, Yılmaz's remains was taken to the rural neighbourhood of Hacana in Kulp. Yılmaz's funeral was finally held under the police blockade.

Only family members were allowed to attend the funeral. The family said that the condolence tent they wanted to put up in Kulp center was not allowed either.