Kurds to gather in front of the CPT and ECHR for Öcalan

KCDK-E called for strong participation in the demonstrations to be held for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom on November 6-18. 

The European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress KCDK-E Co-Presidential Council issued a written statement on the demonstrations to be held for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom.

The statement opens with, “The isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has transgressed all moral and legal limits,” and continues to state that there are concerns regarding Öcalan’s health and safety.

KCDK-E said, “Regarding this matter, we condemn not just the Turkish state but European states who share responsibility for the isolation system for their silence, disregard and ignoring the situation.”


The statement continued: “Mr. Öcalan’s an absolute isolation in Imrali and the increase in massacres and attacks against the Kurdish people are interconnected. With the isolation, there has been annihilation attacks against various cities in Kurdistan, the nature and history of our country has been damaged, our young have been burned alive in basements, lifeless bodies of our mothers have been left out on the streets for days, our women have been stripped naked and exposed after they were murdered, our children’s dead bodies have been kept in freezers for days. All these atrocities, all the policies of war and violence have been implemented hand in hand with the isolation. Similarly, an ethnic cleansing policy has been implemented in Afrin and the cultural and historic makeup of a city was destroyed, subjected to forced Turkification. The Turkish state has been enacting policies that are hostile and agressive towards our people, aiming for annihilation everywhere.”


The statement also protested the silence of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture and the European Court of Human Rights, and stressed that the Turkish state is emboldened by this silence by these institutes.


KCDK-E said the following: “Our basic demand is the freedom of Leader Öcalan. Nothing short of this will make the injustice and unlawfullness go away. The Imrali System must be abolished, and Öcalan must be free. Öcalan’s freedom will also end the intense violence and oppression against the Kurdish people and will make a peaceful, democratic and pro-freedom solution possible in Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East.”


KCDK-E pointed to the demonstrations to be held for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom on November 6-18 and issued the following call:

“We are calling on all democratic institutions and individuals in Europe to support and actively participate in the demonstration we will be holding for People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom on November 6-18. We are calling on our people and allies to increase the struggle and to continue with actions non-stop until Reber Öcalan is free.

An unlimited and uninterrupted series of actions will be held in front of the Council of Europe, the CPT and the ECHR (Avenue de l’Europe, 6700 Strasbourg) between November 6 and 18. Everybody should levy for this matter and efforts should be increased for the participation of Kurdistan’s people and allies. The demonstrations will take place every day between 10:00 and 17:00.”