Kurdish refugee Ibrahim Ergün laid to rest in Muş

Kurdish refugee Ibrahim Ergün was buried in his hometown Bulanık, near Muş. The 24-year-old had committed suicide in a Greek detention center. He was interned there for seventeen months.

Kurdish refugee Ibrahim Ergün was buried in a hometown of Bulanık (Kop) in the province of Muş. On Tuesday morning, the body of the 24-year-old was flown from the Greek capital Athens via Istanbul to Muş. The Athens public prosecutor had eventually ordered the body to be released.

In Istanbul and Muş, however, the Turkish authorities delayed the funeral because autopsies were carried out again in both cities. Ibrahim Ergün had committed suicide on the Saturday 27 March in the Greek detention camp of Corinth. He had been interned in the Peloponnese camp for seventeen months because he had tried to get to Italy from Igoumenitsa. Shortly before the young man's suicide, the continuation of his detention was decided at an appointment for the review of his case.