Kurdish political prisoners in Batman denounce torture and repression

Kurdish political prisoners in Batman have denounced torture and extreme repression.

PKK and PAJK prisoners in Batman M Type Closed Prison have sent a letter addressing to public opinion through their families, in which they stated that the war policies of the AKP government were being put into practice in prisons as well.

The letter informed that every single political prisoner was being put in jail only after their ribs are broken or they are subject to harassment during the detention. Accordingly, those with injuries are denied treatment before jailing and not treated after imprisonment either.

The letter pointed out that the prosecutor took no notice of the related criminal complaint filed by political prisoners who are furthermore subject to disciplinary punishments on alleged grounds of "inciting a rebellion" in response to every small-scale protests against the atrocity they suffer.

The letter added that; "67 political prisoners in this jail have been exiled to other prisons and they have been replaced by Hezbollah and ISIS members."