Kurdish activist extradited to Turkey by France sent to prison

Serhat Gültekin, a Kurdish activist handed over to Turkey by France yesterday, was arrested and sent to Metris Prison in Istanbul.

Serhat Gültekin, a Kurdish activist who applied for political asylum in France in 2017 and was arrested on 4 April 2021, was flown to Turkey on Friday evening. Gültekin, who was brought to Istanbul Airport, was prevented from meeting with his lawyers.

Şule Recepoğlu, Ümit Binici and Sidar Perçin, the lawyers of Gültekin, who was extradited to Turkey by the French state, made a written statement yesterday evening. Remarking that Gültekin was being treated for a rare genetic disease, the lawyers stated: "While the objection to the extradition order must be finalised within 48 hours, the French state returned Serhat to Turkey without waiting for this period. Gültekin is being treated for "Marfan syndrome", a rare genetic disease. He has also had two pneumothoraxes and has serious stomach problems. Ignoring all these health problems, our client's treatment was left unfinished, and it was decided to send him back unlawfully. We would like to state here that this decision was made despite the calls, legal applications and struggles."

The lawyers stated that they demanded that Gültekin be transferred to hospital, that safe treatment conditions be provided and that he be allowed to meet with his lawyers for effective legal assistance.

According to reports, Serhat Gültekin was sent to Metris Prison last night for the execution of his finalised sentence of 6 years and 3 months.

Lawyers of Gültekin will request a postponement of the execution due to health problems.