KDP and MIT up to new tricks in Southern Kurdistan

Following the Sheladize serhildan, the KDP and the Turkish state have set to motion a plan to form special counter units to pit the PKK and the people of Southern Kurdistan against each other.

Following the Sheladize uprising against the Turkish state's invasion bases and attacks in Southern Kurdistan, the joint special war tricks by the KDP and the MIT continue to come to light.

The people of Southern Kurdistan rose up in a serhildan (uprising in Kurdish) on January 26 and took over the Turkish state's Sire military base in Sheladize in Amadiya, Duhok in an expression of their protest against the occupation.

Immediately after the serhildan, KDP and MIT launched threats, detentions, attacks and special war tricks against the people.

In a previous ANF article, it was revealed that the KDP and MIT were working on a dirty trick against the Kurdish Freedom Movement. When the KDP and MIT failed to achieve results with detaining hundreds of people, forcing young people to say certain things and posting their videos on social media, they started to threaten clans in Sheladize, Amadiya and Derelok. The threatened clans were forced to attend a march to be organized in the region against the Kurdish freedom guerrillas, with those who refuse to be forcibly brought from their homes. KDP peshmergas had gone on pro-KDP channels and were presented as civilians to make propaganda against the PKK.


According to a reliable source in the region, after the Sheladize serhildan, the Turkish state and the KDP want to work the angle that the Kurdish Freedom Movement supposedly pressures and attacks the people of Bashure (Southern) Kurdistan. They have put in motion their plan to form special counter units to this end. The plan calls for 10 person units, who will be chosen from Northern Kurdistani persons and Kurdish Freedom Movement deserters. They will be put in guerrilla uniforms and sent to villages to pressure and harm the people. The plan will be implemented in the Behdinan and Zap areas in particular. These individuals are Chosen from among those who acted with the KDP in Zakho and Duhok as well as former deserters of the Kurdish Freedom Movement who had been in administrative positions. The KDP and MIT aim to provoke the people of Behdinan against the PKK and to pit the PKK and the people of Southern Kurdistan against each other.

The Turkish state had killed thousands of Kurds in their counterguerrilla activity in Northern Kurdistan during early 1990's, but all their efforts couldn't tear the people of Northern Kurdistan away from the Freedom Movement.

The Turkish state now wants to carry out the same counter-guerrilla activity through the KDP and the MIT in Southern Kurdistan territory to weaken the Kurdish Freedom Movement and to pit it against the people. But the Sheladize serhildan showed that the people want the invaders and murderers of the people, the Turkish soldiers, to leave their lands, not the PKK.