Justice Vigil by relatives of ill prisoners in Izmir and Denizli leaves 100 days behind

The Justice Vigil organised by the relatives of ill prisoners in İzmir and Denizli has been carried out for 100 days.

The Justice Vigil was launched by the relatives of the prisoners in İzmir to demand freedom for ill prisoners and an end to delay in the release of those who comply with release criteria. The vigil is held in front of Buca Kırıkları Prison and has been going on for 100 days. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Karabağlar and Buca District Organization supported the action. During the Justice Vigil, the relatives of the prisoners.

Speaking at the Justice Vigil, HDP member Cahit Gunay said that they support the actions of the families and reminded that 1,600 ill prisoners, including 600 seriously, are kept in prison. Gunay said: “Two days ago, 10 days before his release, Zülküf Yıldırım died. Why does the government put so much pressure on the people? We call for justice and human rights to be respected. Why are laws not being enforced?”

Pointing out that 43 prisoners lost their lives in the last year, Gunay underlined the case of Kurdish politician and lawyer Aysel Tuğluk who was not released “because she is a Kurdish woman.”


The protest of Songül Ilker, who started a sit-in for her seriously ill son Ekim Polat, held in Denizli T Type Closed Prison is on its 6th day. Ilker said: “My son went on hunger strike reclaiming the right to be treated. He has been on hunger strike for 18 days. This is causing my son's health to deteriorate further. There are rumours that the first director of the prison will send my son to another prison for treatment. This is a policy that is purely aimed at prolonging my son's agony. I and my son will continue our struggle until my son's treatment is provided. I want everyone to raise their voice against these dirty policies against sick prisoners.”