‘International community complicit in Turkey’s crime of using chemical weapons’

Members of the Kongreya Star organization in Afrin Region said that although Turkish chemical attacks constitute a crime, human rights organizations do not speak out or make any effort to stop the attacks, and thus become complicit in the crime.

The Turkish state has been carrying out chemical attacks on the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) since April 23. International human rights organizations have not yet voiced any reactions in the face of the attacks that violate international laws and conventions.

Members of the North-East Syrian women’s umbrella organization Kongreya Star spoke out against the crimes committed by the Turkish state in Kurdistan territory.

Gule Mihemed, a member of the Kongreya Star in Afrin Region, stated that the Turkish chemical attacks against the guerrillas constitute a crime, and the freedom guerrillas are fighting to protect its people with great resistance.

Referring to the KDP's partnership with Turkey, she said, “Everyone knows that the KDP did not deliver the bodies of the guerrillas it killed in Xelîfan to their families since it is cooperating with the enemy.”

Feride Îbo from the Board of Directors of Kongreya Star in Afrin Region emphasized the importance of the guerrilla resistance and said, “The resistance against the attacks on the Medya Defense Zones frustrated the plans of the Turkish state and the KDP. Although the Turkish army is using technologically advanced and chemical weapons, it cannot break the resistance of the freedom guerrillas.”

Îbo pointed out that despite the ferocious attacks of the Turkish army on Medya Defense Zones, human rights organizations did not speak out or make any effort to stop the attacks, and thus become complicit in the crime.


Condemning the chemical attacks on Medya Defense Zones, Kongreya Star member Newroz Haşim called on human rights organizations to fulfil their duties.

“Turkey is one of the states that banned the use of chemical weapons, but still uses them. The Turkish state and its partner KDP should be punished,” Haşim insisted.

The activist emphasized that organizations and lawyers who promote human rights should raise their voices, and the use of chemical weapons and Turkey’s attacks should finally be stopped.