Hunger strikers in Urfa prison say they will continue their protest until demands are met

The hunger strike carried out by the prisoners in Urfa No. 1 T Type Closed Prison continues. The families said: "They are determined until they get results," while the prisoners called for sensitivity to all democratic people.

The hunger strike launched by 10 prisoners in Urfa No. 1 T Type Closed Prison against rights violations continues on its 11th day. As of 15 August, 10 more prisoners had joined the action. The Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD), Human Rights Association (IHD), Urfa Bar Association, Urfa Medical Chamber, and Health and Social Service Workers' Union (SES) formed a committee to monitor the ongoing hunger strikes. The delegation wanted to talk to the prison director about the problems experienced in the prison on 13 August, but the director refused to meet. The delegation will visit the prisoners again in the coming days.

The families who went to the open visit said that the prisoners are determined to continue their action until their demands are accepted. The families conveyed the call made by prisoners to all democratic people to support their struggle.

Prisoners on hunger strike

The names of the prisoners on hunger are as follows: "Idris Duruk, Emin Çetindaş, Ömer Aslan, Suat Berlik, Selami Çiftçi, Mazlum Doğan Tanış, Şervan Muhammed, Emin Korkmaz, Lokman Ayebe and Abdulselam Demir."

The prisoners who joined the hunger strike on 15 August are: "Keleş Celal, Oğur Faikoğlu, Mustafa Müslüm, Haşim Arslan, Cuma İbrahim, Kenan Doğan, Mahmut Tutal, Ferit Ak and Abdulkadir Budak.”