Human rights organizations to hold a second workshop on crimes in Afrin

Five human rights organizations will hold a second workshop on the crimes committed by the invading Turkish state and its gangs in Afrin.

A second workshop on crimes committed in Afrin will be organised by the Syrian Women's Rights Protection and Research Organization, Rights Initiative Organization, Rojava Center for Strategic Research, Afrin Human Rights Organization-Syria and Cizire Human Rights Organization. The workshop to be held at the end of the month will address violation of international laws by the Turkish state.

Mizgin Hesen from the organizing committee of the workshop stated that the crimes committed by the Turkish state in Afrin will be discussed extensively. Condemning the silence of the international community in the face of the crimes committed in Afrin, Hesen stated that they aim to disclose the crimes in Afrin. She informed that some international figures will also participate in the workshop through social media.

The first workshop on crimes committed in Afrin was held on May 16, 2018 with the participation of many human rights and legal institutions where the crimes of the Turkish state were denounced.