Human rights activists call for the release of ill prisoners Kaymaz and Köse

The IHD and the Freedom for Ill Prisoners Initiative called for the release of Hasan Kaymaz and Ali Osman Köse.

The Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul Branch Prisons Commission drew attention to the situation of Hasan Kaymaz, who is held in Elazig T Type Prison, during its 492nd week of the "F sit-in" action. The statement was once again made through the association's social media accounts due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mehmet Acettin, member of the IHD Istanbul Branch Prisons Commission, read the statement and said that 58-year-old seriously ill prisoner Hasan Kaymaz has suffered from epilepsy since 1986 and cancer and heart disease since 2007. Noting that Kaymaz was also infected with coronavirus 8 months ago, Acettin said that Kaymaz was given a 95 percent disability report and added that Kaymaz underwent seven surgeries.

The IHD called for Kaymaz to be released.


The Freedom for Ill Prisoners Initiative called for the release of 64-year-old seriously ill prisoner Ali Osman Köse, who is in Tekirdağ No. 1 F Type Prison during the 364th week of action. Speaking at the press conference held at the Ankara Branch of the Human Rights Association (IHD), chair Nuray Çevirmen said that Köse has been in prison for many years and has many health problems linked to the hunger strike he carried out in 2020.

He suffered from neurological disorders, memory loss, difficulties when walking, speech difficulties, balance problems, said Çevirmen adding that despite all these problems, the medical report said “he can stay in prison, even if he is not able to meet his basic needs on his own.”

Çevirmen said: " Köse is unable to walk even 5 meters. Recently, tests carried out in Tekirdağ State Hospital, established that Köse has a cancerous cyst in his kidney and needs to be treated outside of prison.”