HPG guerrilla Ferit Danışman and YJA STAR guerrilla Büşra Kaya finally laid to rest

The remains of HPG guerrilla Ferit Danışman and YJA STAR guerrilla Büşra Kaya were finally laid to rest. They were given to their families 4 months after they passed away.

The remains of YJA STAR guerrilla Büşra Kaya, who lost her life as a result of clashes that broke out on 7 May in Dersim, were taken to the Malatya Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) morgue. Kaya's family lives in Batman and was called 4 months ago and asked to go to Malatya to give a blood sample for DNA testing. After 4 months, it was reported that the DNA test was positive, and the family took the remains from Malatya ATK on Tuesday and brought them to Batman.

No one other than family members was allowed to attend the funeral of Kaya, who was brought to the Asri Cemetery in the city center of Batman. The police took heavy security measures around the cemetery and did not allow those whose surname was not Kaya to enter the cemetery. Many people who wanted to attend the funeral waited at the entrance of the cemetery.

The remains of Ferit Danışman, who lost his life during clashes on Mount Cudi in Şırnak on 24 May, were handed over to his family 4 months later. The family applied to the Şırnak Chief Public Prosecutor's Office after the DNA samples they gave earlier matched.

Ferit Danışman was buried in the Kadiriler Cemetery in his hometown, Bitlis.