Hengaw Human Rights Organization reports case of young man missing in Iran for 35 days after arrest

Hengaw Human Rights Organization said that no news had been received from 28-year-old Çiya Axabigepur, after his arrest by the Revolutionary Guards in Iran.

Hengaw Human Rights Organization issued a written statement regarding 28-year-old Çiya Axabigepur (also spelled Chia Aghabaigpour), who was detained by the Revolutionary Guards on 28 July.

According to the shared information, Axabigepûr, who lives in the village of Rehîmxan in Bokan, was detained by the Revolutionary Guards following a raid on his house.

Axabigepûr, the father of 2 children, was taken to the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Detention Center in Urmia and from that moment – 35 days ago - neither his family nor his lawyers have been able get information about him.