Health of 75-year-old prisoner Hatice Yıldız worsening, says son

Alper Yıldız said that his 75-year-old prisoner mother, Hatice Yıldız, whose health condition is gradually deteriorating, often faints in prison.

The health condition of 75-year-old Hatice Yıldız, who was arrested for sending money to her captive daughter and her friends, is deteriorating. Her son Alper Yıldız, who went to see her in Bakırköy Women's Closed Prison on 13 April, said that his mother fainted and fell ill while she was going out on air.

Yıldız said: "I went to Bakırköy Women's Closed Prison to see my mother. On Friday, while my mother was going out for air, she fell ill and fainted. This situation has happened before. In addition to this, my mother has back and headache pain as well as bruises on her eyes and needs surgery. Most importantly, my mother has high blood pressure, so she faints very often. My mother's blood pressure suddenly rises and not taking her to the infirmary immediately when she faints may have serious consequences. I want my mother to be released."