HDP: Ending isolation to bring peace

HDP co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Sezai Temelli, published a written statement to mark World Peace Day.

In the message titled ‘Struggle for Peace is indispensable' the HDP co-chairs said:

"Peace promises and struggles are essentially important and valuable in times when peace opportunities are weak. It is one of the important tasks to carry out peace struggle and dialogue in a land where war and conflicts are the norm”.

No safety without peace 

Peace means the elimination of the causes of war, said the statement adding: “It means establishing democratic relations and institutions to prevent war. The right to live in peace is a fundamental human right. In a land where there is no peace, no right, no law, and especially no right to life, is guaranteed.

The need for peace in our country and in our region is paramount. War, conflict and arms are policies that make societies poor, dragging the economies into crisis and reducing the bread on the table.

Today Turkey does not need to buy F-35 fighter aircraft, S-400 missile systems. It does not need millions of dollars invested in armaments.

The Erdoğan-Bahçeli alliance, however, does not give up using the language and practice of war and conflict to maintain their power. They chooses to exist by keeping a constant battle climate in society. The argument by which ‘there is an economic war against my country' is merely an attempt to cover false internal and external politics, wrong economic preferences.

Negotiation for peace in Syria needed

The basic need today is to take out from domestic and foreign politics this war and conflict policies and replace them with a will to build peace and democracy. 

To bring to an end the ongoing war in Syria negotiation for peace and democracy are needed to allow Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Muslims and Christians to live together in an equal and democratic environment on the basis of mutual respect and political equality. 

What is needed is an environment in which the parties will sit at the table and together take a step for a democratic Syria.

Ending the isolation imposed on Öcalan to bring peace

The path to peace and calm in Turkey will allow different cultures, identities, beliefs, tongues and the democratic coexistence and equal conditions. 

An important step towards peace is the to put an end to the heavy and inhuman isolation imposed to Öcalan for the last 3 and half years in Imralı and to bring peace on the agenda again. 

On 1 September, we once again emphasize our firm stance beside peace and democracy. 

The HDP will do everything in its power to ensure the creation of a peaceful environment, of a social and political balance in the struggle for peace. 

To win peace and democracy it is important to take a step to strengthen the struggle for justice, rights, law and equality”.