HDP commemorates human rights defender Tahir Elçi on 7th anniversary of his murder

The Peoples' Democratic Party commemorated human rights defender Tahir Elçi on the 7th anniversary of his murder and said: "The murdering forces continue to exist today as a coalition of evil against the people of Turkey."

In a written statement made, the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Law and Human Rights Commission Co-Spokespersons Nuray Özdoğan and Serhat Eren said: “Diyarbakır Bar Association president Tahir Elçi was murdered seven years ago, on 28 November 2015. Elçi was targeted by the media of the government for expressing his opinions and was killed while making a press statement to draw attention to the war and the destruction of historical and cultural sites in Amed.

The co-spokespersons said: “Tahir Elçi spent his life fighting against the policy of impunity. However, we can clearly see from the lawsuit filed with the indictment prepared four and a half years after the killing and from the practices of the court throughout the trial, that what is sought is to procrastinate and end the case with impunity, as in previous similar cases.”

The co-speakers stated that throughout the trial, the court board "rejected all requests to shed light on the killing and followed an attitude to prevent the perpetrators of the attack and their connections from being revealed."

The statement added: “The process that culminated with Tahir Elçi killing was also the beginning of a dark and chaotic process for Turkey. The forces that murdered Tahir Elçi and the political will and judicial mechanism that protected, acquitted and stood behind these forces continue to exist as an evil coalition against the people of Turkey. We commemorate our beloved Tahir Elçi with respect. As followers of the legacy left by Elçi, who has fought for law, justice and human rights until the last moment of his life, we will not give up on our search for law and justice. We will continue our legal and political struggle until the end, and we will not let go of the murderers, instigators and those responsible for his and other similar political murders.”