German politicians: “Ban Osmanen Germania and UETD”

With accounts of the Osmanen Germania being the armed gang of the Erdoğan regime in Germany being published in the media, German politicians demand a ban on the gang and AKP’s institution UETD.

The activities of the Osmanen Germania gang which has organized under the guise of a boxing club have become a topic of discussion in Germany. The gang was brought to public attention in the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper and the ZDF television program Frontal 21, and the public now demands a serious investigation into this gang’s ties with the AKP regime.

AKP MP Metin Külünk, who is close with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, had been detected transferring money to the leaders of Osmanen Germania for the purchase of weapons various times. After information and documents surfaced in German media, security units had to launch an investigation against the gang.

Klaus Ziwey, Chief of Police in the Baden-Württemberg state where the gang is active, stated that the issue of whether the gang is controlled from abroad will be investigated. Ziwey addded that the anti-international terror unit of the state security forces (BKA) will be included in the investigation and pointed to the role of the UETD.


Chief of Police Klaus Ziwey stated that the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD), which is the lobbying institution of the AKP in Germany, has ties to the gang while Baden-Württemberg State Interior Minister Thomas Strobl said, “The Turkish government meddling with domestic affairs of our state is unacceptable.”

The Greens Party Group in the State Parliament submitted a written inquiry about whether state administration was aware of the ties between Osmanen Germania and the UETD. Greens Group Chairperson Hans-Ulrich Sckerl demanded a far reaching investigation using all the capabilities of intelligence and security units.

The Greens official also pointed to the information about the AKP financing the Osmanen Germania and said: “Financially supporting attacks against Kurds in Germany and people who speak their minds openly is unacceptable.”

Free Democratic Party (Freie Demokratische Partei - FDP) Baden-Württemberg state parliament group chairperson Hans Ulrich Rülke demanded that the UETD be taken under observation throughout Germany and then be banned. Similar demands have been expressed by representatives from other parties in the state parliament.

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