FCK-BW-BAYERN condemns practices in Stammheim Prison

The FCK-BN-BAYERN Federation condemned the practices against Kurdish prisoners in Stammheim Prison in Stuttgart, refering to the practices during the "Nazi period".

In a written statement, the FCK-BW-BAYERN Federation protested the inhumane attitude towards Kurdish political prisoners, whose court and judicial proceedings are ongoing, in Stuttgart-Stammheim Prison.

FCK-BW-BAYERN stated: “We urge the German state to give up its hostile attitude towards Kurdish prisoners in Stammheim Prison. Germany has a state and public tradition that has experienced and survived major tragedies / traumas. During the fascist dictatorship of Hitler, Germany carried out genocides that killed different peoples, especially the Jewish community. The Hitler era is a black mark in German history. As a matter of fact, German prime ministers, especially Willi Brand, knelt down before the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Poland and apologized for their crimes against humanity. After the Hitler period, which inflicted great suffering on humanity, this movement has become a source of honor for the German people and its new state. We would like to remind the German society and state, whose memories are still fresh, that they should not fall into such a shame again.

We believe that Germany’s approach to the Kurdish society, which has been living in Germany since 1993 and whose currrent population exceeds 1 million, avoids democratic tolerance and rules and is offensive to basic and universal human rights and human dignity trying to please the Turkish state. We do not accept this attitude.

We saw the last example of this negative attitude in its approach to Kurdish politicians imprisoned in Stammheim Prison. Although he was a sick and had a doctor's appointment, Veysel S. had his hands handcuffed and his feet shackled, in the company of a large number of police officers, as well as wrapping the whole part of his body up to his legs with a special belt, immobilizing him and not having an interpreter. In the face of this situation, the Kurdish politician Veysel S. was left without being informed or treated, and was taken back to prison under the same conditions.

The Kurdish people living in Germany and respecting German law are not an unattended people on whom everyone can exercise arbitrary practices. Political prisoners such as Veysel S., who defends the honor of his people, are fighting this with their heads high. It is our most natural right to expect from the German state to treat altruistic children and defenders of an  oppressed people more respectfully. Kurdish people do not deserve this degrading behavior. Kurdish political activities are an integration rather than an opposition  to German state laws. The fact that the German state alienates, terrorizes, excludes or discards the Kurdish people for the sake of good relations with the Turkish state seriously harms the harmony and integration of millions of Kurds living in Germany and causes traumas that are difficult to describe in the Kurdish people. Although the German state knows this fact well, its approach to Kurdish politicians is rude and dismissive.

Our call to the German state: The Kurdish people have been in the grip of genocides for a hundred years. Do not support the genocide against the Kurds by the Turkish state! This is a crime against humanity and do not be a party to this crime! Your approach to the Kurdish freedom struggle and the Kurdish people serves the genocidal policies of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people. The genocide  is being realized with your support. We remind you that in the coming years, you should stop falling into a position as you apologized by kneeling  down before the Holocaust Memorial.”