European Parliament members to visit Kurdistan

European Parliament members and human rights defenders will come to Kurdistan and examine the situation there.

As a result of the joint efforts of the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement (EGAM) and Human Rights Association (İHD), European Parliament (EP) members and representatives of the non-governmental organizations that operate in Europe will visit Kurdistan between October 20 and 24. The EP committee will be in Amed on October 20, and meet with the families of the civilians massacred state forces in Sur and Mardin’s Nusaybin district.

Led by the EGAM and İHD, the following people will be visiting Kurdistan: "European Parliament members French Hervé Féron, Bosnian Dennis Gratz, Portuguese José Maria Faria, Luxembourgian Frank Engel, Cypriot Costas Mavrides, English Julie Ward and German Klaus Buchner, EGAM President Benjamin Abtan, Russia Memorial Human Rights Organization representative Marina Agaltsova, Serbia EGAM representative Djordje Bojovic, Croatia Human Rights Youth Initiative members Mario Mazic and İvan Novosel, Danish Jette Moller, Kosovan Albert Selim and French photographer Romain Champalaune."
EGAM officials stated that the committee that will be visiting Kurdistan between October 20 and 24 was still being formed, and more parliamentarians could be added to it.


Centered in Paris, EGAM brings together anti-racist organizations from across Europe and carried out an anti-fascist struggle. In order to strengthen the relations between the forces of democracy in Turkey and European institutions, EGAM had informed the French Parliaments and members of the French House of Representatives about the human rights violations and pressures on the press during its Paris Conference between September 20 and 22. EGAM had invited journalists from Turkey as well as the parents of Rozerin Çukur, who had been massacred by state forces in Amed’s Sur district, to Paris Conference, and will bring together the families of the children massacred by state forces during its visit between October 20 and 24. The committee will also visit İHD, DTK and Eğitim Sen.

İHD Deputy President Meral Çıldır and member of the İHD Commission against Racism and Discrimination, Ayşe Günaysu will also be part of the coordination of the committee’s visit to Kurdistan.