Dozens of prisoners join indefinite-irreversible hunger strikes

The indefinite-irreversible hunger strikes in prisons continue with further participation every day.

The indefinite-irreversible hunger strikes launched in several prisoners with demand of an end to the aggravated isolation on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and severe rights violations in jails continue with the participation of more prisoners every day. The hunger strike in İzmir Aliağa Şakran Prison is in its 51st day.


Ömer Çelik, jailed editor of the Dicle News Agency (DİHA) which was shut down by the government, sent a letter from Silivri No.5 Type L Closed Prison where he is held, and stated that 10 prisoners in Silivri Prison have also started an indefinite-irreversible hunger strike as of April 5. Names of these prisoners are: Muhammet Ahmed, İhsan Tüzün, Muhlis Emin Altay, Ekrem Gün, Egit Bilge, Ercan Uğurlu, Selman Gölbahçe, Gani Çelik, Zafer Sağlam and Fırat Kayalıdağ. Çelik noted that other groups will also join the hunger strike for 10 days alternately starting from April 15.

Çelik also offered condolences to the families and friends of Kurdish journalists Nûjiyan Erhan and Evin Buldan who have died recently.


Prisoners held in Erzincan Type T Closed Prison have also launched an indefinite-irreversible hunger strike starting from March 15.

Ahmet Gerez sent a letter announcing the start of the hunger strike which he said is participated by Yılmaz Günay, Salih Kaya, Murat Bakır, Ömer Tutuş, Mahmut Buğrahan, Zülküf Ortaç, Ramazan Durman, Savcı Yıldız, Hikmet Karakuş, Hakan İnce, Alaatin Demir, Adem Karadeniz and Sedat Akın.

Gerez noted that they have sent several letters about their action but that these were seized by the prison administration. He stressed that the hunger strike will continue until their demands are met.

Gerez added that hunger strike participants Yılmaz Güney, Salih Kaya and Murat Bakır have been transferred to Malatya Type E Prison.


Two prisoners held in Ceyhan Type M Closed Prison have announced going on indefinite-irreversible hunger strike in protest at the torture in prisons.


The hunger strikes in Manisa, Aydın, Balıkesir Kepsüt, Bandırma, Muğla, Ödemiş, Menemen, Kırıklar and Burhaniye prisons continue for the 23rd day. More prisoners have joined the indefinite-irreversible hunger strike in Balıkesir Kepsüt, Kırıklar and Menemen prisons.

12 prisoners have started indefinite-irreversible hunger strike in Kırıklar Prison, 12 others in Şakran T2 Prison, 4 in Menemen T2 Type Prison, and 6 in Balıkesir Kepsüt Prison.

The massive prison hunger strike is joined by a total of 45 prisoners in Şakran T2, T3, T4 and Women's Closed Prison, 6 in Balıkesir Kepsüt Prison, 12 in Kırıklar Prison, 4 in Menemen T2 Type Prison.

Prisoners state that they will continue the hunger strike until the aggravated isolation of Öcalan ends, the siege on Kurdish villages and towns ends, and severe rights violations in jails end.