Documents of Erdoğan’s massacre displayed in Brussels

Images and documents of the crimes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan committed in Afrin and Rojava are being displayed in front of the European Parliament in Brussels.

An exhibition of images, videos and documents of the massacre Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan committed in Rojava and Afrin along with gangs like ISIS and Al Nusra has been launched next to the European Parliament (EP) building, which is visited by thousands of people every day along with diplomats, MPs and workers. The giant LED screen set up in the Luxembourg Square in front of the EP is running through images of Erdoğan’s massacres for the public to see.


The protest was organized by Solidarity with Afrin Platform Belgium, and it will continue for 5 days. There are 60 photographs, 30 caricatures and various videos in the mix, and the documents show women and children massacred by the Turkish army in Afrin as well as burned down residences.


Kurdistani Delil Ağbaba spoke about the protest in the Luxemburg Square and said their goal is to let the European public know the massacres the Turkish state committed in Afrin.

“Erdoğan is killing civilians, including women and children, along with gangs like ISIS and Al Nusra. He is committing a crime against humanity. The whole world knows this, but nobody speaks out. Especially today the NATO, UN and European Union countries remain silent and turn a blind eye for this massacre,” said Ağbaba and continued: “So we wanted to show documents of the Turkish army led by Erdoğan massacring children in Afrin and Rojava and committing various other crimes. We chose the EP to reach more people, to make sure the diplomats, MPs, advisors and workers see it and understand what kind of a murderer Erdoğan is and who they choose to work with. ISIS and Erdoğan have shed blood in Paris and Brussels, and they are killing Kurds. Erdoğan is collaborating with those forces. This must be stopped.”