Demonstrators call for the resignation of the KRG

In Southern Kurdistan, demonstrators have demanded the resignation of the regional government. The "New Generation Movement" has called for the protests against corruption and mismanagement.

In Southern Kurdistan, people have taken to the streets on Wednesday to demand the resignation of the regional government. The "New Generation Movement" (Tevgera Nifşê Nû) has called for the protests.

In Duhok and Hewlêr (Erbil) the activists were stopped by security forces. Units of the security forces were positioned in the city centres and at the planned scenes of action. Before the protest could even start, several arrests were made.

Numerous people took to the streets also in the cities of Ranya and Sulaymaniyah. In Ranya, security forces intervened the masses who called for the resignation of the regional government in slogans.

Anti-government slogans were also chanted in the Azadî Park in Sulaymaniyah. In a statement read out, the government was urged to resign and the formation of a transitional government was proposed. The protest was primarily directed against corruption and economic crisis.

The chairman of the "New Generation Movement", Şasiwar Ebdulwahid, said in a speech: "Today is the day when we tell the authorities: I exist, I am a human being and I claim my dignity.” He called for peaceful protests and announced a continuation of actions against the "oppression and injustice done to the people".